We must continue to invest in our public education system in order to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and administrators, provide professional development to meet the diverse needs of our school population and ensure that our schools have the resources necessary to prepare our students to be globally competitive. Our teachers and administrators must be compensated and respected as professionals.

Continue strengthening of our public education system through adequate funding from early childhood education through post-secondary education will ensure a pipeline of well-trained workers that will improve our economy and attract industry with good-paying jobs.


A well trained and highly motivated workforce, a great education system and a great place to raise a family are what makes North Carolina an attractive place for business to invest and expand.

We must continue to invest in our public education system, create jobs and offer job training for newly created jobs, expand small businesses, invest in Biotechnology and Energy Research. It is important to maintain our state’s infrastructure. I will continue to support legislation that will strengthen our economy, recruit new industry with high paying jobs and move North Carolinians forward.


Our state is one of the most beautiful states in the nation and we must continue to champion legislation that will protect our land, air and water resources for generations to come. I will continue to support legislation that will keep our environment clean and healthy as well as promoting clean renewable energy.
I received the highest grade of “100” from the League of Conservation Voters based on my voting record on environmental issues during last session.

Crime & Safety

It is the responsibility of the state to ensure a safe environment for all North Carolinians by providing a criminal justice system that will fairly punish the guilty, protect victims and our most vulnerable populations. We must provide our law enforcement with adequate resources to protect our citizens. I am an advocate for stronger gun control legislation that will reduce crimes, protect our citizen and reduce danger to our law enforcement.


The Affordable Care Act has reduced some of the healthcare disparities for women and the minority population by providing health insurance for the uninsured and underinsured.. Expansion of Medicaid is a must for North Carolina. It will help save thousands of lives, provide thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars to help strengthen our economy. I will continue advocating for Medicaid expansion and promoting legislation that focus on preventative healthcare services to help keep North Carolinians healthy and reduce the cost of health care services.